Our Team

David Dickie
Business Development Director

David spent his early career in financial roles in manufacturing and publishing before a number of commercial roles in the advertising industry.

David is passionate about helping alleviate poverty with a commercial approach to humanitarian issues.

In 2007 David established Advance Aid, an international NGO creating aid and trade benefits by prepositioning locally sourced emergency items globally, including a 300- person manufacturing unit in Kenya, deployment of thousands of pre-positioned emergency kits and an environmentally friendly energy project which created significant local employment across East Africa.

The projects were completed following a rigorous analysis of humanitarian supply chains and how they might be improved.

David is a Founding Director of a leading social care agency in the UK.

Andy Andrea

Andy is Director of Alliance4Impact, Founder & CEO of Impact17, and Chair of the Board of the Sustainable Impact Association, all dedicated to supporting and building partnerships for social good.

Andy led the Private Sector Section at UN OCHA encouraging and engaging the private sector in coordinated humanitarian action.

He has 20 years of humanitarian experience in the non-profit sector, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.

He is a Certified Professional Facilitator with the International Association of Facilitators, an alumni of the Partnership Brokers Association and a Board Member of the Martin Ennals Foundation.

Irina Bolgari
Head of Research

Irina is Head of Research at Impact17 and Project Officer at Alliance4Impact.

In both organizations, Irina promotes cross-sector partnerships on humanitarian action and the SDGs.

In her current role, Irina oversees and conducts research projects to better understand multi-stakeholder partnerships from academic and practical perspectives.

Previously, Irina has worked at the International Organization for Migration, the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Moldova to the United Nations, and at the EastWest Institute.

Her public sector experience motivated Irina to seek ways to improve communication across different sectors to achieve higher resilience, equality, inclusion and sustainable partnerships.

Irina is completing her Masters in International Relations at the Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies in Geneva.

Sydney Delaney

Sydney is a researcher at Impact17. Her work in the organization revolves around intersectional partnerships between international organizations and the private sector, with the common interest of the SDGs.

Her current projects focus primarily on research and relationship development with American companies looking to develop stronger partnerships within the international sector.

Sydney previously directed Collaboration for Social Impact, an NGO creating partnerships between academia and international organizations, as in the research and development department of The Carter Center, and on human rights violations of businesses for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Her previous experience culminates well within her current role within the nexus between the private and public sector.

Currently, she is working toward her Masters in International Relations and Political Science at the Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies in Geneva.

Steve Meredith

Steve’s formative years were spent in the creative departments of several London advertising agencies, working as a Copywriter then Creative Director, producing campaigns for both local and global brands across different industry sectors, and picking up a few creative awards along the way.

He relishes a creative challenge and has contributed on many public service and charity accounts including Save the Children, NHSBT, EHRC, RNIB, CHARM, Advance Aid and Supporting Wounded Veterans.

Steve now directs all the film projects he writes, having set up icreate4, a content creation company ten years ago.

He is also currently a partner in a small creative agency in London, HMS16, which he co-founded in 2016.

Lily Jones-Herbst

Lily is working as a researcher for Impact17 and is based in the UK.

Lily is currently conducting a research project aimed at building a better understanding of partnership perceptions, challenges and opportunities.

As part of this, she is conducting interviews with businesses and non-profit development organisations involved in SDG objectives.

Lily recently completed her Masters in International Development at the University of Manchester.

She has conducted fieldwork in refugee settlements in Uganda.

She is particularly interested in how the private sector can work in collaboration with development agencies to help communities.

Alongside her work for Impact17, Lily works as a business consultant analyst.

Her experience working with private sector corporations has helped her to identify the private sector as an invaluable resource for achieving the SDGs.

Ivy Wandia

Ivy is currently enrolled at the Graduate Institute –Geneva, where she is pursuing a Masters in International Affairs with her areas of interest being Gender, Global health and Security.

Due to her dynamic areas of interest, Ivy is determined to create cross-sector partnerships between the public and private sector, to create sustainable impact while promoting the three P’s.

People, Planet and Profit. She has worked with various organizations such as; AIESEC in Rwanda- on promotion of SDG no 4-Quality Education, ECANDI – a Kenyan sustainable startup that promotes glass recycling ventures and recently completed an inaugural project in Kenya, which brought about partnerships’ between various public and private stakeholders to promote SDG no. 1(No Poverty) and 8(Decent work and Economic Growth) amongst the youth in the lake region. Ivy believes that sustainable collaboration, leads to lifelong social impact. She is now establishing a program aimed at providing leadership and mentorship courses to underprivileged girls in Kenya, and currently works as a researcher at Alliance 4 Impact.

Devaditya Agnihotri

Devaditya Agnihotri recently completed his Masters in Conflict Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He focused on different forms of conflict resolution, management and analysis based on different geographies across the world.

Dev have been interested in the field of political science since my school days. He was the person who would be more than happy to sit down and discuss the news of the day with the pros and cons of different policies, even if the other person is interested or not. Due to this interest, Dev came to the UK to pursue his undergraduate studies at Newcastle University where he worked on two independent research projects.

Being from India and pursuing his education in the UK, Dev came across people from different facets of life, belonging to different cultures and backgrounds. This taught him and showed him why people must work together because a lot of places face the same problems and we can learn from each other. This was further assisted by Dev’s work experiences as a researcher. He enjoys researching in this field as it allows him to learn new things as well as assist organisations as well as learn from them. Due to his interest in research in the field of political science, Dev hopes to have a career focusing on security policies and their impact on the other areas of a state such as gender policy, economy etc.

Dev am currently working with Impact17 and Delhi Ethics Council, WICCI.

Zhiyao (Allen) Yang

Zhiyao (Allen) is currently enrolled at the Graduate Institute Geneva, where he is pursuing a Masters in International Affairs and has research interests in both Global Security and Environment, Resources, and Sustainability.

As a Research Intern at Impact17, he hopes to strengthen the international sector’s relationship with the private sector, particularly in the United States and China. His areas of interests are to promote stronger cross-sector partnerships between both Chinese and American companies who would like to develop stronger partnerships with institutions at the international level.

As a bicultural Chinese American, he hopes to contribute to a more fruitful and cooperative bilateral relationship between the United States and China. He believes in the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as SDG 3 (Healthy Lives & Well-Being for all) and SDG 13 (Climate Action), along with supporting the private sector’s collaboration with local actors in both the aforementioned countries to help other local communities in need

Kandice Pardy

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Steve Ganly

Steve likes being at the bottom so he can feel like he supports all the other people.

He can be selfish like that.