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Issue 10 | Impact from a community perspective
April 2022

The challenge of promoting and supporting partnering for a better world, professionalising partnering strategies and mistaking fundraising for partnering. 

The launch of evaluating partnerships from community perspectives with an expert advisory group and a workshop on Evaluating Humanitarian Impact from a Community Perspective, at the United Nations Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week.

Partnering for climate change, news on what it's like to work for Impact17, events, spotlights on SDG partnerships and quizzes to test your partnership.

Ukraine war, we stand Ukraine War Ukraine and Russia. The flag of Ukraine and the symbol of victory
Issue 9 | Partnerships, Ukraine and Academia
March 2022

A new training course on humanitarian partnering with the Partnership Brokers Association in the world's humanitarian capital city. Let us know if you’re interested in participating.

Creating a global network to bring academic rigour to partnering for a better world, and evaluating Humanitarian impact from a community perspective in our session at the UN’s Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week in Geneva, 10 May 2022 (11:00-12:30).

You are always welcome to share your perspectives on partnering, however controversial you think that may be. Take a look at the latest article from Mukesh Kapila as a very good example!

SDG relationship
Issue 8 | International Partnering Conference DIHAD
February 2022

This year, the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Conference (DIHAD) is all about partnering for the SDGs. There is yet more rigour on partnering from David Horan and Peter J Hall, Wood Plc, shares his partnering success.

We introduce you to a new feature on an aspect of partnering: this month it is partnership governance systems and why they are so important and welcome our new partnership researchers.

As always, we invite you to share your perspectives and make your partnering call to action.

New Year concept - cheering crowd and fireworks
Issue 7 | Congratulations & thanks
December 2021

Thanks to the growing Impact17 partnering community plus opinions from Dr Cameron Willis and Dr Nic Vogelpoel on building strong partnerships through learning and evaluation and a video interview with Vanessa Reuber on her partnering perspectives at Patagonia.

Donate now to support communities affected by COVID-19
Issue 6 | Setting the agenda together ?
November 2021

The imperatiive for community ownership and free Impact17 services for 17 successful applicants that will represent a wide range of partnerships, organisations and objectives for a better world. Apply here

Issue 5 | Ready, Steady, COP
Issue 5 | Ready, Steady, COP
October 2021

Calling for more partnerships to address the climate crisis and financing to make them sustainable.

Mike Shanley talks about funding, and Keri Browder on partnering through the pandemic.

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