Welcome to our free Mini Partnership Profile quiz

This mini quiz may also give you an impression of the personality of your partnership. This is your taster of some of the most important questions we believe you need to ask about partnerships that aim to contribute to a better world. Answering the questions can help you and your partners appreciate some of the issues partnerships need to consider.


How to take part

After you have submitted your answers, you will receive a report for a sample partnership showing a its strengths and the areas that need attention. The report also includes a visualisation that gives an idea of the personality of a partnership.

There are no right or wrong answers. Every partnership is different. And remember, this is only a sample. You will be asked 12 questions extracted from Impact17’s partnering framework.

Contact Impact17 for the rigorous evaluation which has more than 100 questions! In the full version you will receive an in-depth report on your partnership profile and recommendations for actions you can take.


Impact17 can help you all the way.