Welcome to the Impact17 Online Partnership Personality Profile! You are on the right path to greater and more effective partnering for a better world.


Our partnering framework

The Impact17 partnering framework will be your guide on your partnering journey. It is built around a holistic view of partnerships that work and have a positive, sustainable impact.


We will ask you questions addressing issues from the six categories of the Impact17 Partnering Framework: intent, architecture, capacity, execution, growth, and assessment.


Think of the partnership framework categories and issues as personality traits. Every partnership is and needs to be different from the next. Different partnerships need to be stronger on some issues than others. However, these are issues that every partnership broker and partner need to consider in what they are trying to achieve.


get started

First, we’ll start with a few basic questions for context. We will then ask you questions whose answers we have carefully considered and weighted. Answer them quickly and calmly and without research. We have designed the questions to prioritise the perspectives they reveal. These are as important as the facts and allow you to follow up more naturally on the results. Once you have completed the questionnaire, we’ll send you a full report via email.