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Re-engineering Partnerships

The 2021 Sustainable Development Goals Report highlights the urgency to break down silos, collaborate across sectors and work with organizations that stand for global progress to achieve a better world for all.

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Choosing the right partner

When discussing partnership terms for each project, I tend to keep things general and fair for all parties. But I also have to consider the strengths of the partnering organization and the partner whom I’ll be talking with on a weekly if not daily basis.

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LONDON - MAY, 2017: Lloyds of London building

SDG Partnership within the Finance Industry

World leaders came together under the United Nations Assembly and established the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015. This was a great milestone achievement which meant there was finally a call for everyone to start making a difference.
Taking a look at the Financial Industry, which is one of the largest industries globally, one is curious as to how much of a difference this specific industry has made by meeting those SDGs. . Sadly, after researching, the progress since 2015 has been mainly on GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

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Under the sea

The Secret Sauce for Partnerships with Impact

Here’s a conundrum for you. What does a cold warehouse in a Dutch seaport, a captivating dance performance, and a room filled with strangers have to do with partnering for the SDGs?

Let me show you. In 2012, a guest speaker appeared at one of our coastal community management classes, with a tale that allowed me my first sneak peek into the magic formula that underpins partnerships with impact. This was a tale of trust, communication and thinking free of silos.

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PARTNERship perspectives

Our Partnership Perspectives highlight the power of partnerships, the challenges and successes, and how fruitful partnerships can be developed, fostered and scaled-up. The Partnership Perspectives come from the real-life experiences and perspectives of partnership practitioners and experts in the form of written opinion pieces and video interviews.

Gareth Owen

Save the Children UK - Partnership call to action

I would love to see a grand collaboration put in place quickly over the next few months, for COP 26. An alliance for humanity. An alliance for humanitarian action against climate change involving the best of civil society with the best of government, the best of the military, the best of academia, the best of the private sector and philanthropists.

Gareth Owen

Save the Children UK - Leading a partnership

A lead agency role involves a lot of skilful facilitation, a lot of political astuteness. A lot of emotional intelligence needs to be applied into the space, and a lot of sweat effort bilaterally with the individual partners if things are going awry, and helping people to come back to the table. And resolving issues as all sorts of feather-ruffling goes on.

Gareth Owen

Save the Children UK - Partnering keys to success

It’s difficult to chair a partnership as a lead agency and be the sort of coach of the partnering process. So successful partnerships, I think, bring in that external element sort of Call, call it out. And that’s a great role for expert organizations who have experience in brokering partnerships.

Gaelle Mogli

ConnectAid - Partnering lessons

The main advice that I can give to anyone who wants to partner is that we really need to give before asking, and eventually, this will come around, and we will gain from it.

Gaelle Mogli

ConnectAID - Why partnering is important

The reason why we are so keen on SDG 17 and partnerships is that, working together makes us so much stronger. Nonprofits who work in silos really struggle, and we need to work as a group to communicate about the SDGs together, to make sure that all of us get impact, and really achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We need to make sure that together, we all have impact.

Vanessa Reuber


I am looking for partners who want to talk about community energy, who have a cooperative, who are working in the field of renewable energy to push through the solar campaign, we need to move to a new type of energy for the future, and we need to do it quickly.

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