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Impact17 promotes, evaluates and supports you to partner for a better world. We do that with our own carefully selected partners who value similar principles and ambitions. We only work with the best to make sure we all achieve our goals.

Alliance4Impact (A4I)

A4I provides the public and private sector with support and advice on collaboration to support the UN 2030 agenda and improved humanitarian response. It provides bespoke analysis, advice, and training. It also convenes and facilitate virtual and face to face events to build relationships and achieve practical outcomes of mutual benefit. Impact17 works with Alliance4Impact to increase its capacity, develop high quality products and to service clients.


GluoNNet is using advanced digital technologies and machine learning to maximise network and ecosystem potential. This is achieved by identify gaps, duplication, challenges and opportunities. GluoNNet develops high quality data, intelligence and foresight services to the humanitarian aid and development sector. Impact17 is collaborating with GluoNNet to develop a greater understanding of the partnerships ecosystem for the Sustainable Development Goals and humanitarian action.


LumiRisk advises governments and commercial organizations on corporate governance strategy, transparency and anti-corruption programs, risk management, multi-stakeholder coalition building, market assessments, policy and regulatory analysis. Impact17 works with Lumirisk to provide partnering risk assessments and strategy support.


Shapeable is a unique digital platform for collaborative impact networks. It combines consultancy, systems thinking workshops, a content studio and online tools. This enables an issue-driven community to map complex global challenges, make change for good and measure impact at scale. Impact17 works with Shapeable to provide partnerships with the knowledge and business ecosystem tools they need to manage progress and achieve success.

Innovation Ecosytsem

Innovation Ecosystem architects powerful new collaborations that work in the real world. We are collaboration designers.  As specialists in system innovation we work with leaders to design collaborations that succeed in challenging and complex spaces.  From climate change, food systems, or transportation, to industries being disrupted, we wrk with Impact17 to design collaborations that create synergies among partners, build multiplier effects, and deliver sustainability and scale. Our systems based approach supports ambitious efforts to push existing collaborations to new levels, moving beyond current limitations and taking advantage of untapped possibilities.  We help you to do big things.

Meaningful Business

Meaningful Business is a curated network of progressive leaders across the world, who are combining purpose and profit to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It enables content and knowledge sharing among this community. Impact17 is working with Meaningful Business to promote and share learning among partnering practitioners and experts, through digital and live events.

Sustainable Impact Association (SIA)

SIA promotes and supports collaboration between individuals and organisations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. SIA brings international organizations and private sector companies to Davos during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting to promote and create partnerships. It provides individual members the opportunity to network and build their capacity to partner for a better world. Impact17 is working with SIA to develop an Impact Certification to encourage, recognise and award valuable efforts in pursuit of the most pressing global challenges.

EU Business School

EU Business School is an internationally accredited, high-ranking business school with campuses in Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux, Munich and Online. It offers foundation’s, bachelor’s, master’s, MBA and doctoral programmes with focuses in business administration, international business, marketing, international relations, finance and enterprise, among others. EU Business School adopts an interdisciplinary and pragmatic approach to teaching, learning and research. Impact17 is working with EU Business School to produce joint academic publications and to refine the Impact17 partnering framework.


The Geneva Action Platform for Engaging, Learning, and Information (Gapeli) works with organizations to promote sustainability and amplify messages. The platform enables anyone to easily share the best one minute video moments of Live or On Demand content, by a click of the button. Impact17 is working with Gapeli to share, promote and communicate key messages in a meaningful way.


ConnectAID.com is a combined humanitarian social impact network and charitable giving platform dedicated to SDGs. It allows corporates and individuals to witness impacts on the ground and contribute to meaningful sustainable development actions, with 100% of donations going directly to international nonprofits. Impact17 is collaborating with ConnectAID to promote and support partnership for social good; connecting partners to international aid for greater social, humanitarian and environmental impact.

The Partnership Brokers Association (PBA)

PBA is the international professional body for those establishing, managing and developing collaboration processes. PBA aims to challenge and change poor partnering practices, ensure those operating in ‘partnership brokering’ roles are skilled, principled and work to the highest standards, and to promote the critical importance of partnering process management to decision-makers in all sectors. Impact17 collaborates with PBA on partnership training and shares the perspectives it gathers from practitioners and experts to help inform learning on partnering for a better world.

The Partnering Initiative (TPI)

TPI seeks to build individual and organisational capacity to partner; support partnerships to operate effectively; design catalytic platforms and infrastructure for partnering; and strengthen the enabling environment for multi-stakeholder partnering. Drawing on nearly 20 years’ practice and evidence from practitioners and policy-makers, TPI has created foundational partnering concepts, frameworks, tools and guide books that have helped to shape and define the field of multi-stakeholder partnering. Impact17 collaborates with TPI on partnering frameworks and projects and shares the perspectives it gathers from practitioners and experts to help inform learning on partnering for a better world.

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