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Impact17 has developed a rigorous framework for partnerships that are pursuing the SDGs or humanitarian emergency preparedness and response. The framework builds on previous research by others and is supplemented with our own values and experience. The Impact17 Partnership Framework examines a partnership’s personality with reflections we believe help partnerships reach their full potential. That includes deeper considerations on the intent, architecture, execution and capacity of the partnership and partners, among other vital traits.

The Partnership Personality Profiles can be used by the partnership facilitator and, most effectively when all the partners are involved. Comparisons of each partner’s perspectives can help address problems before they occur, resolve issues and steer the partnership to have an effective and valuable impact.

The framework was created in collaboration with partnering experts and practitioners from the United Nations, the Red Cross Movement, the private sector and our Associate Partners. It has also been successfully stress-tested with several active partnerships.

Impact17 guides partners through 120 carefully weighted questions in six major categories for 19 capabilities to reveal the unique personality of a partnership. We help identify what is important to a given partnership, the partnership’s strengths, areas of concern and recommendations for future action. We analyse the data and deliver a personalized written report with meaningful visualizations covering all the essential topics that a successful and sustainable partnership needs. It is the perfect tool for partnership brokers and the partners themselves to reflect and improve the way they partner for a better world.

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Impact17 can help you build the strengths and fill in the gaps where you need to deliver the best success.

ZAMBIA - OCTOBER 14 2013: Local people go about day to day life

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